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20-thousand Kazakhstan Tenge bill unveiled 19 ноября 2013, 18:45

The design of a commemorative 20-thousand bill was presented to journalists.
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The design of 20000 tenge. Photo ©tengrinews.kz The design of 20000 tenge. Photo ©tengrinews.kz
The design of the 20-thousand Kazakhstan Tenge bill has been presented by the National Bank, Tengrinews reports. The obverse of the bill displays an side-on picture of a girl in loose clothing against a national ornament in the background. The girl uncages a bird and it flies towards the sun. At the reverse of the bill, the bird that left the cage is flying against a forest background. In the midst of the forest, a man and a woman stand holding hands and their gazes are directed towards the sun. The new bill is quite original and is designed in light blue, green and yellow undertones with a lot of elements. No official confirmation of this design being the final one has been given. Besides, according to a source in the Kazakhstan Mint, the new commemorative 20-thousand tenge bill is supposed to look like a 10-thousand bill designed in grey undertones. In the meantime, according to the source, the bills are ready and sealed in boxes. Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Kairat Kelimbetov announced that the new 20-thousand bill is going to be put into circulation by the end of the year. “The signature (shown on the bill) belongs to the former Governor of the National Bank Gregory Marchenko,” Kairat Kelimbetov pointed out. Speaking about commemorative events planed for the 20th anniversary of the nation currency of Kazakhstan (November 15) he said, “Release of the limited edition of the commemorative 20-thousand bill is one of such events. This bill was approved by the former Governor Gregory Marchenko and the President of Kazakhstan. But as you know, every bill takes time to produce. As soon as the bill is issued all the technical characteristics will be announced. That is to say, there is no conspiracy; it is just a matter of time,” added Kelimbetov. As previously reported, the new bill commemorating the 20th anniversary of the national currency will have Gregory Marchenko’s signature on it. The new monetary notes have already been printed out at the monetary factory of the National Bank of Kazakhstan. At the moment, most part of the newly printed bills is in the state storage and are ready to be released. The National Bank of Kazakhstan initially announced its intention to issue 20-thousand tenge notes to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the national currency - the tenge - In July 2013. The national currency of Kazakhstan - the tenge - was issued for the first time on November 15, 1993.

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