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Almaty tending to its rivers 28 июля 2014, 19:39

There will be no water in some of the Almaty rivers for a couple of years because of the reconstruction works.
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Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky

There will be no water in some of the Almaty rivers for a couple of years because of the reconstruction works. According to deputy head of the Natural Resources and Environmental Control Department of Almaty Yerkebulan Orazalin, the reconstruction of most of Almaty rivers will be completed by 2016.

“There are 17 rivers in Almaty. Repair and recovery works have been completed at 8 of them. But this years 23 thousand hectares have been added to the city (the city has expanded). As a result, we have more rivers to tend to (…). If we do not consider the newly added territory in the calculations, 75% of rivers will be reconstructed by 2016,” Orazalin said.

At the moment, the Sultan-Karasu, Zharbulak, Beksai and Lesser Almaty rivers are undergoing repair works. For a number of years, the Little Almaty river has been a matter of concern for Almaty residents. The section between Kurmangazy and Kabanbai batyr streets was reconstructed back in 2012. “We witnessed the river banks being decorated with marble, fenced off with new curved rails. Lawn grass was brought over for landscaping. It was all made into a nice little esplanade. But no water was release into the river. The lawns burned out in the hot sun, garbage started to be dumped into the riverbed, ” residents of the apartment buildings nearest to the river complained.

Almaty Akimat (Municipal Authorities) explained that the reconstruction of the Lesser Almaty river started back in 2009 from Medeo area in the mountains. The second phase of the project is now underway, it involves reconstruction of the 4km area that stretches down from Matakaev street. The city has spent over $55 thousand on the project. “We have competed reconstructed at some of the sections of the river, but we have not started the water, because the repairs are not done yet. We arranged a flow of water at one of the sections that has inlets - down from Abai avenue and along Abai avenue - but there is no way we can fill the lower section of the river with water" without interfering with the works, Orazalin explained. Water supply to the Lesser Almaty river will become possible only in 2016, he said.

Reporting by Vladimir Prokopenko, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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