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2000 endangered houbara bustards released in South Kazakhstan 09 мая 2014, 13:36

2000 houbara bustards raised in an Abu Dhabi nursery have been released in Sozak region of South Kazakhstan Oblast.
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Photo courtesy of wikipedia.com Photo courtesy of wikipedia.com

2000 houbara bustards raised in a Abu Dhabi nursery have been released in Sozak region of South Kazakhstan Oblast. 200 more will be released in Mangystau Oblast later on, Tengrinews reports citing the press office of the Minister of Environment and Water Resources of Kazakhstan.

The release of houbara bustards into their natural habitat in Kazakhstan is a part of the country's cooperation with the International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) created to help restore the population and preserve the endangered bird. The noble birds are highly praised in the Arabic culture.

Kazakhstan partners with the IFHC to research and help preserve houbara bustards. Currently most of the migrating wild houbara bustards breed in Kazakhstan.

The program has been working in Kazakhstan since 2009. Scientists monitor the state, behavior and migration routes of the birds using satellites. The released birds successfully adapt to the new environment in Kazakhstan and in winter they migrate along their traditional routes like the wild birds.

This time the research will go further. 100 birds will get satellite transmitters that will transmit signals identifying the location of the birds.

The birds are at special facilities in the state conservation area of South Kazakhstan Oblast. The houbara bustards will be released into the wilderness after they have adapted to the local natural conditions.

This year the first phase of construction of a new center for houbara bustard reproduction will be finished. This center located in Baidibek region of South Kazakhstan Oblast will help to release over 5000 thousand birds into the wild every year.

Over 1100 houbara bustards have been raised in UAE nurseries and released in Kazakhstan since 2009. 

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