endangered species

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25.05.2015 19:24 Environment
70 Dalmatian pelicans have been found dead in Atyrau Oblast in western Kazakhstan.
08.12.2014 14:52 Environment
Przewalski's horses will be brought from the Nuremberg Zoo to Kazakhstan in Spring 2016.
15.08.2014 14:01 Environment
A chorus of chirps filled the room as one of the Philippines' top crocodile breeders checked on his wards in an overcrowded 'Noah's Ark' .
09.05.2014 13:36 Environment
2000 houbara bustards raised in an Abu Dhabi nursery have been released in Sozak region of South Kazakhstan Oblast.
01.03.2013 18:01 Environment
The project Make your contribution. Preserve the nature kicked off in 2012 to restore the number of golden eagles in Kazakhstan.
15.11.2012 10:26 Environment
A critically endangered Sumatran tiger has given birth to three cubs at an Indonesian zoo.
21.09.2012 12:12 Environment
Kazakhstan ornithologists will follow the birds’ routes using transmitters to find out what percentage of the freed birds survives.