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1,500 of shabby houses are beyond repair in Almaty 21 февраля 2012, 16:26

1,500 of shabby houses are beyond repair and to be demolished, Mayor of the city says.
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Shabby house. ©RIA NOVOSTI Shabby house. ©RIA NOVOSTI
1,500 of shabby houses are beyond repair and to be demolished in Almaty Tengrinews.kz reports from the meeting of Akim (Mayor) of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yessimov with the city's residents. "We decided to start the work funding it from the city's budget: 500 million tenge ($3.4 million) has been allocated for construction of housing for the people resettled from these shabby houses. We are constructing new economy class housing in place on the demolished buildings. This kind of housing is more feasible because they are self-sufficent and their maintenance requires no additional funding," he explained. "Besides we shall continue our work on to improve yards in Almaty. 94 yards were refurbished in 2011 and half of 655 yards will be refurbished by the end of this year. Most of yards are out of condition, and yes, some of them are in good shape, but those are few,” Yessimov said at the meeting with citizens on February 8. The Akim of the city asked the citizens and heads of condominiums to take better care of their yards.

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