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Spacecraft wreck found near Baikonur 06 ноября 2013, 17:09

Wrecks of an unidentified spacecraft have been discovered not far from Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan.
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A wreck of an unidentified spacecraft has been discovered not far from Baikonur, Tengrinews reports citing the Emergency Situations Ministry of Kazakhstan. Several objects resembling fragments of a spacecraft were found three kilometers from Kokzhabaky village of Kazaly region of Kyzyorda Oblast in southern Kazakhstan. There were no casualties. The site was cordoned off. A working commission to study the situation was formed. Meanwhile, Kyzylorda Oblast Emergency Situations Department told Tengrinews that the wrecks were discovered by shepherds who reported the discovery to the local police officer. It is unclear if the wreck fell from above or was brought to the site from elsewhere for some reason. "The wreckage resembles a rocket nozzle. Representatives of the Emergency Situations Department, Kyzylorda Oblast Governor's Office and ecologists are already working at the site," the Department reported.

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