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Petroleum train derailed by MAN oil tank truck, 10 tanks on fire in Aktau: KTZ comments 16 ноября 2013, 19:09

The fire started as a result of the train's collision with a MAN oil tank truck that belongs to Emiroil company; one man dead, one injured, one missing.
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The accident site. ©Lada.kz The accident site. ©Lada.kz
Kazakhstan national railroad company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ) has commented the massive fire at the railway crossing near Aktau. The company's train carrying petroleum tanks caught fire after crashing into an oil tank truck, Tengrinews reports. Firefighting teams of Mangistau Oblast Emergencies Department are at the accident site fighting the fire that started as a result of the train's collision with a MAN oil tank truck that belongs to Emiroil company. According to KTZ the incident happened at 1:05 p.m. on November 16, 2013 at Tamak-Mangyshlak run. The company's press-service reported that "the driver stopped the truck on the red signal at the crossing and then restarted his movement for no obvious reason when the train approached". It points out that the "crossing signal was in working order". The last routine check of the crossing's technical condition was made on October 17, 2013. The train pulling 18 petroleum tanks was derailed as a result of the collision. 10 of its oil tanks caught fire, the press-service reports. According to the company it was the assistant train driver who died on the spot (no the chief train driver, as we reported earlier), while the train driver was delivered to the hospital and is alive. According to media reports, the MAN truck driver fled from the accident site. "Emergency train and firefighting train from Mangistau and Beineu stations, and 12 fire engines from Aktau have been pulled to the accident site to fight the fire," KTZ reports. The fire was taken under control at 4:15 p.m. but is still far from being extinguished. The accident has delayed cargo and passenger trains. Together with the local authorities the company has provided buses for the delayed passengers. "The rail traffic is expected to be restored at 11 p.m. today," the company says. The Emergency Situations Department is investigating the accident.

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