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One step closer to dream: Kazakh student wins prestigious Russian math competition 04 февраля 2014, 17:27

Kazakhstani high schooler Adilsultan Lepes has won a Russian math competition.
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Photo courtesy of the organizers of the competition Photo courtesy of the organizers of the competition
Kazakhstani high schooler Adilsultan Lepes has won a Russian math competition in Moscow, Tengrinews reports. The 17 y.o. student of the Zhautykov National Physics and Mathematics Secondary Boarding School for Gifted Children received a 1st degree diploma at the Russian Junior Scientific Work Competition among High School Students, which took place on February 1-2, 2014 in Moscow. “I have represented Kazakhstan at several international math competitions, but I still get very nervous every time. I started working on my project back in January 2013 and received high praise at the Math Student’s Conference in Moscow in December 2013. Participation in this competition brought me a step closer to my dream,” shared Lepes after the competition. Junior was established in 1998 to promote research and incite creative work in science and technologies among high school students. The competition is a great platform for future scientists also aims to attract leading experts from different areas to work with the talented students. Representatives of the National Research Nuclear University, Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a number of other leading centers of eduction and science in Russia were among the jury of the Junior competition. Adilsutan’s academic advisor Ibragim Ibatulin said that participation in the competition was a great experience for both of them. “It is one thing to review the rules, it is a totally different thing to participate. We have understood the ins and outs of the project's positioning and the importance of preparing specifically for the written competition. "This victory is very important for the future development of science in Kazakhstan, because development requires investors. And investors come or go depending on what they think about Kazakhstan,” Ibatulin said. He believes that successful participation in such a large-scale competition is a credible testimony for the investors to see that there are talented mathematicians in Kazakhstan who can create viable projects. “I am very happy for Adilsultan’s achievements and I wish him new victories,” Ibatulin added. On December 15, 2013 the young genius won a Grand-Prix for his report at the Math Student’s Conference in Moscow. Earlier, Adilsultan had participated in a seminar at the Math Institute in Bulgaria. His project has already been published in several academic magazines and in the Mathematical Excalibur (Hong Kong).

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