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Kazakhstan is not on Top Education System list 06 декабря 2012, 13:35

International experts have studied and compared results of international examinations to rank the education systems.
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Kazakhstan didn’t make it into the list of the Top Education Systems of the World made by British Economist magazine and Pearson, Economist Intelligence Unit, BBC reports. Finland is ranked first in the list that includes 40 countries. South Korea is second, Hong Kong is third. Japan and Singapore are ranked fourth and fifth correspondingly. The UK, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada are also in the Top-10 of the Best Education Systems of the World. Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, USA, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia follow them. Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia education systems were placed at the bottom of the ranking. When ranking the education systems, the experts have thoroughly studied and compared results of international examinations that graduates from different countries took. Then the experts applied indexes to this data, such as the total number of students, the rate of graduates and the rate of fresh students and so on. The level of state expenditures on education is not the crucial index, the report reads. The common policy that promotes education is the most important factor. So, the high ranking of some Asian countries could be explained by the fact that the education tops family and society values in these countries.

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