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American camp with Kazakhstan-born kids operating without license 19 июля 2012, 16:42

The license of the camp for troubled children adopted from foreign countries called Ranch for Kids in Montana was suspended in 2010.
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Photo courtesy of therepublic.com Photo courtesy of therepublic.com
The license of the camp for troubled children called Ranch for Kids in Montana near the Canadian border was suspended back in 2010, RIA Novosti reports. The camp was created for adopting American families who find it difficult to manage their adopted children. There are currently 25 children at the camp, including kids born in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China and Haiti. Besides, there are 10 children from Russia. Their ages vary, and their troubles range from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder to the aftereffects of spending their early lives in difficult conditions in orphanages. Montana Private Industry Council terminated the license of Ranch for Kids for several violations. After that its owner Joyce Sterkel appealed the regulator’s decision in court and the company was re-registered as a religious organization. After more information of the kids’ rights being heavily violated at Ranch for Kids emerged, Russian Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov and Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov tried to visit the camp. However, the Russia’s representatives were not allowed into the camp. Astakhov has expressed his intention to apply effort to close down the ranch.

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