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24.10.2015 20:19 Laws, Initiatives
Article 19, the UK's human rights organization proposed introducing a concept of an anti-LGBT crime to the Kazakhstani Criminal Code.
12.06.2015 15:09 Politics
Ban Ki-moon visited Kazakhstan for the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Astana.
20.03.2015 15:50 Politics
Kazakhstan is on its way to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as part of the move to eliminate discrimination against the disabled.
07.01.2015 10:31 Politics
Human Rights Watch urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put pressure on Kiev over its use of cluster bombs and Grad rockets.
20.11.2014 18:25 Politics
A bilateral meeting was held in Brussels between Kazakhstan and the EU, during which the Kazakh side called for updating the EU strategy for Central Asia.
10.11.2014 10:32 Politics
The IOC has declared a new antidiscrimination clause would be included in all future host city contract starting with 2022 Winter Olympics that Kazakhstan is bidding to host.
17.10.2014 17:44 People
Creators of the scandalous poster depicting a smooch between Kazakh composer and Russian poet of 19 century have lost the appeal in court on grounds of "acceptable morality and behaviour". What is for sexual minorities in Kazakhstan?
13.10.2014 13:27 Laws, Initiatives
Penal Reform International believes Kazakhstan should abolish the death penalty completely, even though there is a moratorium on capital punishment in the country.
13.09.2014 03:40 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan activists urged the Kazakh Parliament to ban gay propaganda and prohibit the people known to be gay from holding public offices and serving in the army.
03.09.2014 16:29 Laws, Initiatives
The United Nations said it was "seriously concerned" about growing restrictions on human rights activists in Thailand.
27.08.2014 12:41 Politics
North Korea has joined the ranks of America's foes who have seized on riots in Missouri, saying the nation is the "graveyard of human rights".
22.08.2014 11:34 People
British human rights campaigner Helen Bamber, an early member of Amnesty International, died at the age of 89 on Thursday.
11.08.2014 14:16 Laws, Initiatives
North Korea said it would publish its own "rosy" human rights report, six months after a UN inquiry published a list of violations.
30.07.2014 15:01 Unrest
The UN Security Council backed a Russian initiative to bar trade in oil with Islamists in Iraq and Syria.
29.07.2014 10:37 Politics
The EU is set to approve punishing sanctions against Russia Tuesday over its role in the Ukraine crisis, after Kiev seized control of part of the MH17 crash site in fighting that blocked an international effort to recover victims' remains.
19.07.2014 11:12 Politics
A group of Ethiopian bloggers and journalists detained for nearly three months have been charged with terrorism for having links to an outlawed group and for planning attacks, a judge said.
13.07.2014 13:27 Politics
Extradition of Rakhat Aliyev to Kazakhstan is extremely unlikely according to the Deputy Chairman of Birlik political party and former Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan Bolat Baikadamov.
09.07.2014 14:54 Strange News
A dozen mothers in an asylum-seeker camp have reportedly attempted suicide so their children can be settled in Australia, piling pressure on Prime Minister Tony Abbott who said Wednesday he would not be morally blackmailed.
28.06.2014 13:56 Politics
Some 110,000 people have fled to Russia from Ukraine while more than 54,000 have been displaced inside the conflict-torn country, the UN said.
20.06.2014 13:49 Unrest
The number of people driven from their homes by conflict and crisis has topped 50 million for the first time since World War II, with Syria hardest hit, the UN refugee agency said.
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