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Western Europe - Western China highway blamed for floods in Kyzylorda Oblast 11 марта 2014, 18:45

Design shortcomings of the international highway cause the flooding in Zhanakorgan region: Kazakhstan Emergency Minister.
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Emergencies Minister of Kazakhstan Vladimir Bozhko. ©Tnegrinews.kz Emergencies Minister of Kazakhstan Vladimir Bozhko. ©Tnegrinews.kz
Design shortcomings of the Western Europe - Western China international highway are the cause of this year's flooding in Zhanakorgan region of Kyzylorda Oblast in southern Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing the Minister of Emergencies of Kazakhstan Vladimir Bozhko. "Our analysis shows that besides the natural factors there are shortcomings in the design of the Western Europe - Western China highway that are causing the flooding in Zhanakorgan region of Kyzylorda Oblast. Pipe culverts (pipes for water to flow under the highway) have not been constructed in proper locations," the Minister said. He instructed that changes are made in the design of the highway and the shortcomings are corrected at the already constructed sections of the road. And called the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources to make the Zhanakorgan and other regions of Kyzylorda Oblast a priority in the state water resources management program for 2014-2040 targeted on recovering irrigation facilities and introducing a manageable water distribution system. "It will minimize the threat (coming form the water flows) to the Western Europe - Western China highway," the Minister added. Speaking about the treat to the houses he said that residents of Zhanakorgan region constructed their houses on high concrete foundations, so their houses were not damaged much during the flooded. Speaking about the situation in other regions of Kazakhstan, the Minister said that there were concerns about the "large amounts of snow in Aktobe and Kostanay Oblasts and in estuaries of several rivers in Akmola and Karaganda Oblasts. Whereas the situation in eastern Kazakhstan and in Pavlodar Oblast are stable," Bozhko said. According to the Minister, there amount of snow exceeds the area's average by 20% in the foothill of Almaty Oblast. "We have step up monitoring in the areas. Kazselezashita (an organization of the Emergencies Ministry) is running a round-the-clock in-the-field monitoring and Kazgidromet (the national meteorological service) is also monitoring the snow cover," the Minister added. By Altynai Zhumzhumina

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