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Talgar mudslide damages run into millions 31 августа 2014, 01:05

Finally, the damages from the mudslide on Talgar river have been announced.
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Mudflow aftermath ©Dmitry Khegai Mudflow aftermath ©Dmitry Khegai

It was a regular day on July 17 in Talgar District not far from Almaty. But then, a river got out of control in the afternoon: the water was speeding downhill at 40 cubic meters per second, rolling stones and damaging cars and buildings on its way.

The mudslide did not claim any human lives. However, the damages were significant. Three houses of the forestry cordon and a section of the motorway, as well as two temporary terrace cafes located along the Talgar river were flooded and practically washed away. In addition, some buildings of a non-working (luckily) summer camp were destroyed and a road bridge chute at Almaty-Korgas highway was scoured.

These all and the damages to state infrastructure on the river were announced by Deputy Akim (Governor) Tynyshbay Dosymbekov on August 4.

"To date, preliminary estimations of the damages caused by the Talgar mudslide suggest a sum of 810,159,357 tenge ($4,451,000),” Dosymbekov said.

“The restoration of the water main from the Right Talgar River to the antimud dam requires 30,537,000 tenge ($167,777), repairing the bridge on the Talgar River - 46 million tenge ($250 thousand). The tie-in from Talgar group water conduit to the filtering plant - 53 million tenge, the repair of the inter-farm Almaty canal - 163,891,000 tenge ($900 thousand ), the 630 millimeters conduit from the clean water reservoir to the hydraulic power system on the left bank of the Talgar river – 81,961,000 tenge ($450 thousand),” he continued.

“Cleaning up the existing 10 underground wells, replacement and repair of six deep-well pumps – 58,646,000 tenge ($322 thousand); repairs of the bridge in the bottom part of Talgar – 127,895,000 tenge ($703 thousand ), bank protection works along the Talgar river bed – 86,766,000 tenge ($477 thousand) and restoration of the washed out dam in Yenbekshikazakh District – 97,259,000 tenge ($534 thousand)," Dosymbekov said.

According to the deputy governor, the reimbursement of the damaged civil property is estimate at 37,517,000 tenge ($206 thousand). These are five vehicles, six heads of cattle, household items and clothing and real estate with a total area of 1200 square meters. However, he said, not all property documents have been submitted yet.

"There is a clean-up operation underway. Tractors, a hindcarriage, a semi-detached office cordon, Ile-Alatau National Park, tent camping and a dacha with buildings are used in the operation. The calculation of damages continues, many residents have not yet found the necessary documents. The sum will be increasing," the official said.

He said that the water supply had been resumed in Talgar. Tengrinews reported previously that the water line was damaged in Talgar, leading to one part of the town being cut off from without water, but repair of the damaged water lines was made a priority.

By Dinara Urazova


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