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Kirill Denyakin's family will sue Portsmouth Police Department 28 апреля 2011, 16:39

Family of Kirill Denyakin who was shot dead by a US police officer for banging on the door is going to sue Portsmouth Police Department.
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454 Green St. where Kirill was shot. ©Danny Donovan 454 Green St. where Kirill was shot. ©Danny Donovan
The family of Kirill Denyakin, a 26-year-old man from Kazakhstan shot dead by a US police officer in Portsmouth for banging on the door is going to sue Portsmouth Police Department, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kirill's younger brother Roman Denyakin. “We will go to court and demand a punishment for the police officer,” he said. “Kazakhstan Embassy in US promised to provide us a legal support. We were told that Kirill made ‘fugitive movements with his hands’, but no one can explain what exactly they mean by that. He could have been raising his hand to scratch his nose.” The US State Department has already been notified that Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington is planning to claim financial compensation for Kirill Denyakin's death, KazTAG reports. Official representative of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry Askar Abdrakhmanov said that, Kazakhstan Ambassador to the United States Yerlan Idrissov spoke to one of the top representatives of the US State Department and expressed concerns over the incident and requested for the case to be investigated in strict compliance with the law. Diplomats are now consulting top American lawyers on the financial compensation to Denyakin's family from the American side. Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry and Kazakhstan Embassy in US has promised to provide financial and legal support to Kirill's family. Portsmouth police is conducting two internal investigations of the police officers actions pertaining to the office involved shooting case. The police officer’s name is still not disclosed. Kirill's younger brother Roman was the first family member to find out about his the incident. He saw condolences on his brother's wall in Facebook. Yelena Denyakina, Kirill's mother left for USA on April 27 to arrange for repatriation of her son's body to Kazakhstan. The Denyakins are from Karaganda, Kazakhstan. "We had money only for a ticket to the US. I could not accompany my Mother on the flight because of visa problems," Roman said. According to Roman, Kirill Denyakin went to the United States under Work & Travel program and decided to stay there. "He worked at the Renaissance Hotel. He never hurt anyone. He has never ever been charged with administrative or criminal liability," Roman said. He worked as a cook in the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel for two years. He was killed in the house where his friend, also a cook, lived. Police says that Portsmouth Police Officers were dispatched over a report of burglary. There they saw a man banging on the door. When the unarmed man moved in the police officer’s direction the officer shot him dead. The number of times the policeman pulled the trigger is still not confirmed, but one of the whiteness heard 6 shots.

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