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Kazakhstan hotel security guards fired after Britsh corruptor of minors arrested 21 января 2014, 15:52

Chagala hotel fired two of its security guards after a British national was found corrupting Kazakhstan minors while living in the hotel.
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Photo a courtesy ohrana.ru Photo a courtesy ohrana.ru
Two security guards were fired from Chagala hotel for professional misconduct after a British citizen was found corrupting minors while living in the hotel, Tengrinews reports citing Uralskaya Nedelya. Peter Baruch, 38, charged with corruption of minors was taken into custody after pornographic photos of young girls taken in his hotel room were found in his computer. The administration of the hotel where the British suspect brought his underaged victims commented on the incident: “After a criminal case was initiated, Chagala Group made all the necessary arrangements to check the guest out. The person is no longer a guest of Chagala Group hotel. We do not have any information on his current whereabouts.” Explaining the axing of the personnel in relation to the incident, the administration said that the police was questioning witnesses and it turned out that persons who had not passed the required reception procedures were admitted into the hotel. “That is why, two security guards were fired,” the representative said. According to the police officers, when Baruch saw the police he tried destroying the evidence by pouring vodka (not water as it was previously reported) all over the notebook, memory sticks, the hard drive and the video camera and putting them into the microwave to burn them. Forensic experts were able to recover the pornographic files from the devices. The British Consulate in Almaty cast away the information that Peter Baruch was taken into custody by the law enforcement authorities of Kazakhstan. The police opened a criminal case over Production and distribution of child pornography, or engaging minors in pornographic events, an article of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan. Charges of Corruption of minors have not yet been presented to him and all the circumstance of the case are yet to be determined.

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