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Columbian drug lords tried to make business in Kazakhstan 08 октября 2012, 16:08

Criminal groups from Columbia and Peru tried to set cocaine sales networks in Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of altfast.ru Photo courtesy of altfast.ru
Criminal groups from Columbia and Peru tried to set cocaine sales networks in Kazakhstan, according to the website of Kazakhstan National Security Commission. The criminals were supposed to send coke by mail, air transport, in liquid form, in capsules, as well as via drug couriers hiding the drugs in their bodies. The deliveries were to be made every 10-15 days. Columbian drug lords were in the process of selecting Kazakhstan partners for their business. To suppress penetration of cocaine to Kazakhstan, the National Security Commission arranged a special operation Its codename was Atlantics. As part of the operation a U.S. citizen carrying 2.5kg of cocaine aimed for Almaty was apprehended. Two citizens of Columbia were arrested later. They also tried to bring in the drugs (the total of 4.5kg) to Almaty. The operation resulted in suppression of 4 transnational channels of drug trafficking from South America to Kazakhstan. The Atlantics operation lasted from April to September 2010. But the special services of Kazakhstan have made its details public only now. According to the National Security Commission, one of the stages of Atlantics operation took place in China. Two Columbians were arrested in September 2010 in Beijing. They possessed over 700 grams of cocaine.

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