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30.04.2014 12:39 Crime
Peruvian police on Tuesday burned about 11 tons of drugs confiscated in raids in recent months.
20.11.2013 14:06 Crime
First-term US congressman Trey Radel of Florida has been arrested for possession of cocaine, court documents showed Tuesday.
04.10.2013 10:03 Politics
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday he was investigating whether US drug enforcement agents were involved in a huge cocaine drug bust as part of a plot to brand Venezuela a "narco state."
01.10.2013 14:33 Crime
The global war on heroin, cocaine and cannabis is failing to stem supply, as prices of these drugs have tumbled while seizures of them have risen.
27.09.2013 10:24 Crime
Venezuela has arrested 22 people including eight military staff in a smuggling case in which 1.3 tons of cocaine were flown from Caracas to Paris on an Air France jet.
25.09.2013 10:20 Crime
Nine people are being held in France and Venezuela in connection with the seizure of 1.3 tonnes of cocaine stashed in suitcases on an Air France flight.
23.09.2013 12:43 Crime
Three members of Venezuela's security forces were arrested in connection with the 1.3 tonnes of cocaine French police found aboard an Air France flight that originated in Caracas.
22.08.2013 15:31 Crime
The profile is often the same: European, often young and female, and facing hard economic choices. A perfect mark for Peruvian cocaine traffickers seeking couriers.
11.03.2013 12:43 Unrest
France's surprise intervention in northern Mali against Islamist fighters involved in lucrative drug-running has disrupted cocaine supply to Europe but smugglers are already finding new routes.
22.11.2012 15:04 Crime
Australian police said Wednesday they had seized cocaine and methamphetamine worth Aus$237 million (US$246 million) shipped from China in a consignment of heavy machinery.
08.10.2012 16:08 Crime
Criminal groups from Columbia and Peru tried to set cocaine sales networks in Kazakhstan.
06.09.2012 18:29 Crime
Brazil is the world's largest market for crack and the second for overall cocaine use, researchers from the Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP) said Wednesday.
04.09.2012 10:47 Military
Bolivia President Evo Morales accused the US military of commanding Colombia's armed forces and of having a military base in the South American country.
27.08.2012 11:46 Crime
Faced with rising cocaine consumption linked to economic prosperity, Brazil is cracking down harder on trafficking along its borders with three top neighboring coca leaf producers: Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.