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4 Kazakhstan citizens deported from U.S. 12 июня 2012, 13:10

Four young citizens of Kazakhstan were apprehended and deported in New York airport on May 28: Foreign Ministry.
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Photo courtesy of workandtravel.tj Photo courtesy of workandtravel.tj
Four Kazakhstan citizens were deported from the U.S., Tengrinews.kz reports citing the official representative of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry. “Four young citizens of Kazakhstan were apprehended and deported in New York airport on May 28. They arrived in the U.S. under Work&Travel program. They were deported because their visas were cancelled by the United States,” Altai Abibullayev said. Abibullayev noted that representatives of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry requested a full explanation of the incident from the United States. “We were told that their American employer located in Panama City, Florida, is under suspicion of violating the legislation of the United States. In this relation the American visas of these Kazakhstan young citizens, who received job offers from this company, were cancelled,” Abibullayev noted. According to him, these Kazakhstan citizens are the injured party in this situation. “We have reached a principal agreement with the American party on urgent issue of secondary visas to affected Kazakhstan citizens without payment of additional fees. We also agreed that the American party will cover the transportation costs to these four citizens,” the official representative said at the briefing of June 4. By Assel Satayeva
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