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13 released from Zhanaozen temporary detention facility 03 февраля 2012, 10:58

A public commission applied to the President asking to release certain categories of people from Zhanaozen detention facilities.
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Zhanaozen pre-trial detention facility Zhanaozen pre-trial detention facility
13 people have been released from Zhanaozen temporary detention facility, Tengrinews.kz reports citing official representative of Mangistau oblast administration Nurbol Telegenov. According to Telegenov, a public commission (representatives of political parties, veterans, economists, scientists, lawyers and trade unions) applied to the President and Kazakhstan’s General Prosecutor asking them to consider releasing previously unconvicted persons and women who “just followed the instigators”, people under 30 and over 45, as well as those suffering from different any severe diseases. Besides, the commission members asked to replace detention of the suspects in the detention facilities with home arrests or recognizances not to leave. Considering the campaign on humanization of the legislation, the commission suggested to replace the punishment for the persons who have committed light and medium crimes with administrative fines or suspended sentences. According to the official representative of Mangistau oblast administration, 13 people were released from Zhanaozen temporary detention facility. 2 of them had poor health. Nurbol Telegenov says that military forces have been removed from Zhanaozen after the state of emergency have been lifted. Zhanaozen post of the Interior Ministry and the regular patrol service are currently operating in the town. Deputy Akim (Mayor) of Zhanaozen Kairat Nurmukhanov is now performing the duties of Zhanaozen Akim (Mayor). Besides, the first session of Zhanaozen Maslikhat (local executive body) was held recently and Sakhi Mynbai was elected Maslikhat secretary. 14 families of the victims of the clashes have already received the financial aid of 1 million tenge ($6,700) each, 2 injured persons received 500 thousand tenge ($3,300) each. Besides, four people in need of urgent medical help received 100 thousand tenge ($675) each after a petition to the public commission.

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