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Temirtau company fined for environamental damage 20 апреля 2011, 17:51

According to Temirtau Prosecutor's office, Bassel Group LLS was fined $30 thousand for ecological damage.
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©Yaroslav Radlovskiy ©Yaroslav Radlovskiy
Bassel Group LLS is fined 4.6 million tenge (about $30 thousand) for ecological damage, Temirtau Prosecutor's office (Karaganda oblast) is quoted as saying by General Prosecutor' s press-office. The company exceeded the maximum rate of sewage dumping into Samarkand reservoir. Moreover, the electric-power production company was illegally storing 110 tones of waste. The total of environmental damage was estimated by Ecological department employers. The money from the fine will be sent into the state budet.

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