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Kazakhstan airlines may be out of EU black list next year 08 октября 2012, 11:34

Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications told about the plans to help Kazakhstan airlines out of EU black list.
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Kazakhstan air companies may be out of EU black list next year, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications Azat Bekturov as saying at the press-conference during the international forum called Safe and Efficient Air Transport – Key Factor for Sustainable Growth of Central Asia and Caucasus in Astana. “We do not know the exact dates, but we know for sure that we will not call for this audit (of EU commission) until we make sure that we are 100 percent ready for it. It may take more time than we want but quality and results are more important than dates. Upon arrival of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) experts, we will jointly look into our adjustment plan and see our progress. I suppose that this will happen in a year, as the way out of the black list is the same as the way into it,” Vice-Minister said. According to Bekturov, the country willing to undergo the audit and, thus, trying to get out of the black list, has a right to invite the commission at any time it deems necessary. “We are ICAO members, just as the other countries. And we have very good relationships. It is necessary to understand that nobody in the world wants the situation that we currently have and this is our job to get out of this situation. ICAO will come when we, Kazakhstan will ask them to, when we are ready for them. We made an assessment and we invited ICAO in February; the European Bureau visited us. Recently we have concluded the contract with a technical support bureau that helps the ICAO member-countries like us. They will help us, assist in resolving our problems. There is no better assistant than the organization that detected our defects,” Azat Bekturov stated.

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