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Helicopter taxi in Almaty for one grand only 24 января 2015, 00:54

Air taxi had started operating in Almaty and Astana.
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Photo courtesy of taxi-online.kiev.ua Photo courtesy of taxi-online.kiev.ua

Air taxi had started operating in Almaty and Astana, Tengrinews reports citing LS. Clients can order a helicopter that will cover up to 600 km.

The helicopter depot has 16 eurocopters assembled in Kazakhstan, 7 Russian Mi-8s and 3 American Robinson helicopters.

The prices differ depending on the distance, the number of passengers and season. In average a helicopter ride costs from $1600 to $4300 per hour. Since opening the Air Taxi has had 10 flights.

As exciting and extravagant, as the Air taxi is, one wonders where the heli-taxis would land in the city? Helicopter landing pad on a skyscraper is a setting of a Hollywood film not Almaty or Astana.

Air taxi is popular in Tokyo, New York and San Paulo. In Moscow the federal law prohibits flights over the city. The exception is made for the airport zones only. Meanwhile, Saint Petersburg does not have similar prohibitions and most of air taxis travel over the Neva River. 

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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