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EP KMG admitted its fault to workers 27 декабря 2011, 12:17

EP KazMunaiGas admits its fault to the workers and is ready to make amends.
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Strikers in Zhanaozen. Summer 2011 Strikers in Zhanaozen. Summer 2011
EP KazMunaiGas admits its fault to the workers and is ready to make amends, Tengrinews.kz reports. Alik Aidarbayev said this when he met with bloggers and journalists on December 25. “We partially admit the fault for the current situation. The main mistake was in insufficient dialoging. We will be communicating more from now on,” head of EP KMG Alik Aidarbayev said. “It is understandable that there is little trust right now. Strengthening trust is a day-to-day work. Most important is that their managers have not been trained on how to behave with the workers and how to take care of them without being rude. We will be running both educational and ideological campaigns. Before, the company did not finance such campaigns; cutting of expenses and comparing profits is what led to many important things being neglected in the company. But we will have them now; recruitment process has been resumed and I think the trust will come back,” Aidarbayev said. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that oil workers fired in Zhanaozen and Aktau were offered jobs in a new drilling company that will be created soon.

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