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Travel through time with Haydn and Mozart: Astana Opera

Photo © Astana Opera Photo © Astana Opera
The Great Names: J.Hayden, W.A. Mozart concert will take place on January 16 at the Astana Opera, Tengrinews reports.
“Joseph Haydn, Mozart’s teacher, is the pioneer of the Classical period. The work of these two composers is different. Mozart’s music is more life affirming, open, while Haydn’s music is more reserved,” Kazakhstan music expert Saule Mauletova commented. The organizers of the concert decided to follow in the chronological order and start with the pioneer of the Classicism and the father of symphonies Joseph Haydn. In the first part of the concert, children from the Astana Opera instrumental group will perform Haydn’s Kindersinfonie (Children's Symphony), one of the most popular symphonies of the composer. In the second part, Mozart’s life affirming music will take the lead to carry the audience into the later period of the Classical music era. Visitors to the Astana Opera will have the pleasure of listening to the well structured works of Haydn and brilliant and complex works of Mozart performed by Aigul Niazova (soprano), Saltanat Akhmetova (soprano), Marat Zakiryanov (trumpet) and Rakhimzhan Baspayev (piano). “We have set a goal of creating an atmosphere of the Classical epoch to take the audience to the distant times through the great music of the most prominent composers. We have many surprises for our audience,” Mauletova shared. The Great Names: J.Hayden, W.A. Mozart concert starts at 19:30 and the pass into the epoch of the great classical music costs only 1500 tenge ($10). The theater is located on Kunayev street, at the crossing with Turan Av.