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Tim Burton liked Kazakhstan's Black Swan 31 марта 2012, 18:26

Tim Burton liked Kazakhstan's remake of Black Swan movie that won "Done in 60 Seconds" competition in London.
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Tim Burton and Indira Suleymenova. Photo courtey of Indira Suleymenova's personal blog at yvision.kz Tim Burton and Indira Suleymenova. Photo courtey of Indira Suleymenova's personal blog at yvision.kz
Tim Burton, director of Edward Scissor Hands and Planet of the Apes liked Kazakhstan's remake of the Black Swan that won Done in 60 Seconds competition in London, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Indira Suleymenova, author of the remake. Suleymenova approached the table where Danny DeVito was seated next to Tim Burton and his wife and actress Helena Bonham Carter during the awarding ceremony. “Tim Burton noticed me coming and stood up, shook my hand and congratulated me. Burton said that he liked our work very much and he was really impressed by it. It was nice to hear this from him, because I approached him just to take a photo of him, it would have been silly not to use the chance,” said the author of the best remake. Actor Michael Fassbender (Jane Eyre, 300 Spartans) was even more friendly. “When I came to take a picture of him, he kissed me and clanged my award statuette with his, as if saying: “Look, I’ve got one too!” Done in 60 Seconds was held as part of Jameson Empire Awards 2012. Fassbender was awarded with the Empire Hero statuette and Tim Burton picked up the Empire Legend award. The Black Swan remake became Suleymenova’s first filmmaking experience. She said that she would be developing in this direction. However she is not going to participate in the next year's Done in 60 Seconds competition. Suleymenova is planning to shoot a short film featuring social themes, relationships between people. She is going to participate in different others international competitions with her future work. The final stage of Done is 60 Seconds competition was held in London on March 25. Except the award-winning remake four more works (from England, Ireland, Chili and Bulgaria) made it into the short list of the final five.

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