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The Spirit of Tengri opens this Saturday June 7 06 июня 2014, 16:14

This Saturday on June 7th at 5 pm, The Spirit of Tengri opens its second festival with 13 ethno music bands and renowned artists in Almaty.
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The Spirit of Tengri The Spirit of Tengri

This Saturday on June 7th at 5 pm, The Spirit of Tengri opens its second festival with 13 ethno music bands and renowned artists in Almaty, Tengrinews reports citing the organizer of the festival Zhan Kasteev.

The second festival has geographically expanded. Kazakhstani bands Roksonaki, Aldaspan, Sharapat, Turkish band Baba Zula, Georgian virtuoso band The Shin, Yaric-Ecuador, Bashkir band Argymak, Buryat duet Namgar, a Kyrgyz singer Gulzada, an Atlai singer Bolota Bairysheva with Belukha Jam band, Radik Tyulyush, Chyltys from Mountain Shoriya and one of a kind Sainkho will perform at the festival.

Aldaspan will present their inventions based on modified national instruments: an electro jetygen and electro dombras. The festival will be an open air and live sound event. The festival grounds will have tents with Kazakh craftsmen and cultural and art associations of the city. The fan zone is free of charge.

According to Mukhit Azerbayev of Global construction company that supporting the festival for the second time, The Spirit of Tengi is a great place to learn about history and culture of our ancestors. “We were among the first to support this festival. It was quite distinct among other holidays and celebrations. It was the first event to have deep historical roots,” Azerbayev said.

Noel Shaykhmetov, General Director of NS radio, emphasized the increasing popularity of ethnic music in Kazakhstan.

“I myself have a positive attitude towards ethno music and can play some instrument. When I started researching the origins of jazz music I learned that it has roots in Africa and it is not a secret to anyone. I became fascinated with African music and later with Asian music. I realized that ethno music is limitless in nature and truly divine. When TengriFM radio station initiated The Spirit of Tengri festival I was surprised and suspicious of how long this music will last. But as time shows, the interest to ethno music is immense. The music itself is limitless. Every nation and culture brings something in personal and interesting,” Shayakhmetov said.

On Saturday do not forget to bring some warm clothing and umbrellas just in case, Kasteev warned. The Spirit of Tengri awaits you all on the Republic Square at 5 pm, June 7th.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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