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Spectre dubbed in Kazakh in one week


Spectre, the 23th James Bond film has been translated and dubbed into Kazakh language in a week's time, Tengrinews reports.

Spectre, the 23th James Bond film has been translated and dubbed into Kazakh language in a week's time, Tengrinews reports.

This made the Bond film the fastest dub into the Kazakh language so far. All in all, Spectre is the 13th film dubbed into Kazakh in the past 5 years. 

The film was released in Kazakhstan on November 5. Around 20 voice actors were involved in the dubbing of Spectre. “Hollywood set the bar high. They told us that the quality of the translation had to be high, so that the audience would think the film was made in Kazakhstan and in the Kazakh language. Our five-year experience in dubbing into Kazakh has helped us deal with the work in one week only,” Aizhan Zhamishieva, Dubbing Director, said.

According to the Dubbing Director, Specter did not pose any difficulties in terms of translation into Kazakh.

“As you know James Bond is a brutal character who speaks little and acts a lot. He combines confidence and inner strength. There are not that many scenes with dialogues in the film. The film is mostly oriented on presenting visual effects. This made it easier for us,” Zhamshieva said.

Yerzhan Zhaksylykov voiced Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Previously, Zhaksylykov voiced Tony Stark in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Monica Belluci’s character Lucia was dubbed by an actress from Mukhtar Auezov Academic Drama Theatre Kunsulu Shayakhmetova. Ms. Shayakhmetova worked on all 12 films that were dubbed in Kazakh.

In Spectre, a message from deceased M (Judy Dench) brings James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico City and Rome. After saving the mysterious widow of an infamous criminal Lucia (Monica Belucci), Bond infiltrates a secret meeting, where 007 uncovers an all-powerful organization SPECTRE. This mission becomes very personal when Bond finds out a connection of his yet biggest enemy (Christophe Waltz) to his orphaned past.

The film in a way puts a logical end to Daniel Craig’s Bond. The actor, too, once said that he would not act in another James Bond. Yet, according to James Bond producers, the British actor recently confirmed that he would continue playing 007 after the release of Spectre.

Kazakhstani fans of 007 films can watch it in Russian and Kazakh. However, the Kazakh version is available only at limited times and in particular movie theatres.

The Kazakhstani dubbing company plans to continue releasing foreign films in Kazakh. Following Spectre, the highly anticipated Star Wars will be also released in the Kazakh language.

Translation and dubbing of foreign films in Kazakh are supported by Bolashak Association and MARWIN company. 

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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