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PHOTO: Tengri FM anniversary rock concert 24 марта 2011, 14:27

Tengri FM 1-year anniversary concert of Chaif and Kazakhstan rock bands in Almaty
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By Vladimir Dmitriyev© By Vladimir Dmitriyev©
Chaif, a Russian rock-band gave a concert in Almaty for Tengri FM radio-station's 1-year anniversary. The compliments to the radio station were also given by local bands from different Kazakhstan cities: Motor-Roller (Almaty), MaiOliCa (Petropavlovsk), Blues Motel (Almaty), Martini (Astana), Jazz Voda (Shymkent), Pa Kampasam (Almaty), Subcultura (Ust-Kamenogorsk), Angry Arts (ex-Lucky Wheel, Almaty), Labasterhab (Pavlodar) and a singer Assem (Almaty), a Tengrinews.kz journalist reported. All two thousand tickets were sold out. Sergey Mayboroda and Assem moderated the show. “We had lunch with Motor-Roller band today," said the leader of Chaif band Vladimir Shakhrin before the show, "This is the only Kazakhstan band we are in close contact with. They make a good quality music. We are very glad to be invited for the Tengri FM anniversary. The radio station has a big effect on development of modern rock music. However, we can not assess Kazakhstan rock-performers, as we usually come to Almaty just for a couple of days.” The musicians played their well-known hits as well as a couple of new songs. Chaif was accepted with enthusiasm by Kazakhstan rock-fans. Tengri FM, a local radio station, branded as "The real encyclopedia of the world rock”. It is very popular with fans of high quality rock music. Tengri FM broadcasts at 107.5 FM in Almaty and 104.5 FM in Astana.

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