Sunny Days film represents Kazakhstan at French Film Festival Sunny Days directed by Nariman Turebayev is screened as part of the official selection at the Festival International des Cinemas d'Asie.
20 февраля 2012
Kazakh film should be worth $340,000 to be profitable Timur Kasymzhanov said that a Kazakh film can break even and bring profit only if the expenses to make it don't exceed $340,000.
10 февраля 2012
Kazakh director will present new Hemingway film in Cannes Film director Yermek Tursunov finished working on his new movie called Shal.
01 февраля 2012
Sunny Days by Nariman Turebayev presented at film festival in Sweden Sunny Days movie by Nariman Turebayev is taking part in the contest of the international film festival Five Continents in Sweden.
22 января 2012
First Kazakhstan dance movie shot Shooting of the first Kazakhstan dance movie Forbidden Dances has been completed.
06 января 2012
Bekmambetov to receive Best International Film Director award in USA The U.S. National Association of Theater Owners named Timur Bekmambetov the best 2011 International Film Director.
27 декабря 2011
Kazakh singer opting for Eurovision-2012 Daria Gabdull, winner of X-Factor show in Kazakhstan, has filed an application to participate in Eurovision-2012 from Sweden.
16 декабря 2011
Top 100 Kazakh songs uploaded on Karim Massimov's website 100 most popular Kazakh songs have been uploaded on Prime-Minister Karim Massimov’s official website.
13 декабря 2011
Alain Delon's watch auctioned for $17 thousand in Almaty Famous watch of legendary Alain Delon were sold at an auction during gala-dinner of Movie Against Pain event held in Almaty.
12 декабря 2011
Dmitry Malikov to give a concert of classical music in Astana Russian singer Dmitry Malikov will give a PIANOMANIA classical music concert in Astana.
26 ноября 2011
Return to A and Gakku to represent Kazakhstan in Goa Film festival Two Kazakhstan films will take part in the 42nd World Cinema Film Festival that will be held in Goa, India.
24 ноября 2011
PHOTO: The Dash won third place in Los Angeles sport film festival Kazakhstan movie The Dash directed by Kanagat Mustafin won the third place at All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival in Best Feature Film nomination.
17 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan singer won international contest in China Kazakhstan singer Svetlana Kasyan won the first prize of the V International Vocalist Contest in China.
03 ноября 2011
The Dash movie to represent Kazakhstan at Los Angeles Film Festival Kazakhstan movie The Dash directed by Kanagat Mustafin will represent Kazakhstan at All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival.
28 октября 2011
Kazakh cartoon awarded at International Cinema Festival A cartoon from Kazakhstan was acknowledged to be the best at the 10th Baikal International Cinema Festival in Irkutsk.
17 октября 2011
Armand Assante to gift a movie for 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence A documentary initiatiated by Armand Assante will be released by the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence.
17 октября 2011
Fans convinced Paul McCartney to give a concert in Kazakhstan Paul McCartney will give a concert in Kazakhstan with one-hundred percent probability.
11 октября 2011
Islamic TV Assyl Arna to broadcast nationwide in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan residents will be able to watch Islamic TV channel Assyl Arna as a part of the nationwide TV network.
06 октября 2011
Returen to A by Yegor Konchalovskiy nominated for Oscar Filmmakers of the first Kazakhstan 3D-movie Return to A nominated it for the Oscar award.
05 октября 2011
Movie The Dash by Kanagat Mustafin won third place in Lipetsk film festival Atlant sport films festival was held in Lipetsk, Russia, on September 27-30.
04 октября 2011

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