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Kazakhstan singer won international contest in China 03 ноября 2011, 16:48

Kazakhstan singer Svetlana Kasyan won the first prize of the V International Vocalist Contest in China.
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Svetlana Kasyan. Photo courtesy of nashaagasha.org Svetlana Kasyan. Photo courtesy of nashaagasha.org
Kazakhstan singer Svetlana Kasyan, a youth opera program artist of the Bolshoi Theater, became the winner of the first premium of the V International Vocalist Contest in China, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Diapazon. This is one of the grandest musical contest that takes place every three years in Ninbo, China. 86 vokalists were selected for the contest this year. “It was a bit scary for me to be in such a remote country. I don't speak Chinese. But the contest in China was the best organized event I have ever seen. The organizers created an amazing environment for us,” Kasyan said. According to the singer, the competition was very intense and there were many talented singers, but this was the reason se wanted to win the contest so much. “I didn't know what the results would be, but I did all my best to secure the victory. I didn't want the second or the third place, may be I am too ambitious, but the first place was my goal. It was difficult to sing sometimes, because the audience is not allowed to applaud at these contests. Roller titles prohibiting the applause was running on the screen all the time. The sense of exiting from the stage hearing only the rustle of my own eyelashes were haunting me all through the contest. But then, where the audience surrounded me, taking pictures and asking for autographs I was astonished, I haven't seen such a reaction anywhere else. When performing I was trying to pass a part of my soul to everybody in the hall, filling my voice from the bottom of my heart,” Kazakhstan singer added.

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