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First Kazakhstan dance movie shot 06 января 2012, 14:30

Shooting of the first Kazakhstan dance movie Forbidden Dances has been completed.
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Snapshot from the movie trailer Snapshot from the movie trailer
Shooting of the first Kazakhstan dance movie has been completed, the movie director and lead singer of Orda band Yerbolat Bedelkhan told Tengrinews.kz. Casting for Forbidden Dances lasted for almost 6 months but the shooting itself took less than a month. The director said that dancers from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, and several dancers from the U.S. are involved in the movie. Orda and Legion bands and singer Makpal Issabekova are also starring in the movie. As per the script, the main characters of the movie are taking part in the competition of street dancers. During exhausting rehearsals they are challenged with lack of understanding from their friends, betrayal and humiliation. “The movie is about a non-existing city, everything is made up. The dancers were trained by experts from London and Moscow and myself,” Bedelkhan said. Earlier movie producer Zhadyra Sakhiyeva said that 70 percent of the movie will consist of dances. The genre is unclear: it can be a love story and even some kind of a comedy. In the nearest time the movie crew will go to Moscow to complete processing of the materials: dubbing, coloring and noise effects record. The movie will hit the screens in Kazakhstan in April 2012. By Aizhan Tugelbayeva

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