Motor-Roller's song became anthem of Saint-Petersburg fighter for free education Song About War was the best at the contest called New Songs about the Main War. The song of Kazkahstan rockers was translated into several languages.
02 октября 2011
Discovery to make a film about aliens in Kazakhstan mountains Discovery will make a part of a film about aliens in Kazakhstan. The shooting will be done in Ulytau mountains in Karaganda oblast.
23 сентября 2011
PHOTO: Stars on red carpet of Eurasia film festival in Almaty Participants and guests of the 7th film festival Eurasia have traditionally walked down the red carpet at the festival opening on September 19.
21 сентября 2011
Famous Hollywood director visited Kazakhfilm studio Famous Hollywood director Chuck Russel visited Kazakhfilm studio during his participation in Eurasia film festival.
18 сентября 2011
Famous twin musicians Tynybekovs to give concerts in three cities of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan twin musicians Botagoz and Bulat Tynybekovs will give solo concerts in three cities of Kazakhstan: Karaganda, Astana and Almaty.
07 сентября 2011
Tengri FM rock-festival to be held on September 10 in Almaty "At the Top of Tengri" rock-festival organized by Tengri FM radio will be held in Almaty on September 10.
05 сентября 2011
Kazakhstan violinist played with famous orchestra at festival in Japan Ordabek Duissen became the first Kazakhstan musician performing at the famous classical music festival Pacific Music Festival in Japan.
25 августа 2011
Rin'Go quartet will represent Kazakhstan at Pugacheva's festival Crimea Music Fest Kazakhstan quartet Rin’Go is planning to win the first international festival Crimea Music Fest to be held in Crimea on September 6-10.
24 августа 2011
Kazakhstan filmmakers plan to conquer the world Kazakhstan filmmaking group led by General Producer Dauren Mussa started shooting a new Kazakhstan movie called All The World At Your Feet.
18 августа 2011
Kazakhstan band became a prizewinner of international contest Kazakhstan vocal band called Art-Vocal won the second prize in Solevoci international contest in Varese, Italy.
15 августа 2011
Almaty ahead of Astana in the battle for Paul McCartney's concert Almaty and Astana are in an online battle for the right to host Paul McCartney's concert.
15 августа 2011
Pavel Chukhrai making a movie about first hydrogen bomb test in Kazakhstan Russian filmmaker Pavel Chukhrai started shooting a new movie, a love story that happened in the USSR during tests of the first hydrogen bomb.
11 августа 2011
Bekmambetov's Apollo-18 to hit screens in September A space thriller Apollo-18 will hit Russian screens on September 1.
09 августа 2011
Michael Madsen substituted with Russian actor in Hunting the Phantom Hollywood actor Michael Madsen out of Marina Kunariva’s project due to a research leave.
05 августа 2011
Kazakhstan cinema reached popularuty peak Kazakhstan Minister of Culture Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed told about the progress of Kazakhstan cinema at the Government meeting.
26 июля 2011
Kazakhstan singer Alisher Karimov won 3rd prize at Slavianski Bazaar Kazakhstan singer Alisher Karimov won the third prize of the International Pop Song Performers Contest VITEBSK-2011.
14 июля 2011
Action movie with Michael Madsen to be shot in Astana The American actor met with journalists on July 5 during ASTANA International Action Film Festival.
07 июля 2011
Armand Assante about political parties, beshparmak and Nietzsche Armand Assante, who took part in the Second ASTANA International Action Film Festival, gave an interview to
07 июля 2011
Steven Seagal hopes for Astana Mayor's support in shooting a movie about Genghiz Khan Steven Seagal told journalists about the idea to shoot a movie about the great commander and play the main part in it.
04 июля 2011
Auditor from Almaty won script contest at ASTANA International Action Film Festival Almaty auditor gets to top script contest award as part of the Second ASTANA International Action Film Festival in Astana.
04 июля 2011

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