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Armand Assante to gift a movie for 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence 17 октября 2011, 12:53

A documentary initiatiated by Armand Assante will be released by the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence.
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Armand Assante. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Armand Assante. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
A documentary called Kazakhstan. Dialog from the Steppes initiatiated by the famous Hollywood actor Armand Assante will be released by the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence, Tengrinews.kz reports. Assante had this idea after his participation in the Forum of Spiritual Culture held in Astana last October. “I have been learning the history of the last 20 years. Kazakhstan has made a big leap into the future during these years. The country has obtained huge respect in the world,” Assante said. New York residents have already seen the movie. The documentary was released into the world screens on October 3. The first night was attended by representatives of the U.S. Department of State, embassies, consulates and artists. The movie will be released in Kazakhstan at the next Forum of Spiritual Culture. The movie covers several periods of Kazakhstan's development, including the war years, closing of Semipalatinsk testing site, political repressions and finishes with the latest political and economic achievements of the country. The movie includes fragments of documentaries made 20 years ago when the country was just starting on its way. The scriptwriter also included expert opinions on the most significant events in the country. “It took us around 6 months for searching for information, learning the history, making the movie and post-production. Participants of the next Forum will evaluate our work on October 18 in Astana,” Assante said. The filmmaker jokingly called the movie another response to scandalous 'Borat' movie. By Aizhan Tugelbayeva

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