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Fans convinced Paul McCartney to give a concert in Kazakhstan 11 октября 2011, 18:09

Paul McCartney will give a concert in Kazakhstan with one-hundred percent probability.
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Paul McCartney concert will take place in Kazakhstan with one-hundred percent probability, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing one of the event organizer. According to the organizer, the voting in favor of the concert is still going on at eventful.com website. Almaty is the leader among Kazakhstani cities, according to the poll. More than three thousand users have voted for the city. The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, is the second. However, only four hundred and sixty three people voted for Astana. About four thousand people have voted from Kazakhstan. Barry Marshall, the legendary singer's manager visited Almaty on April, 24. However, he went to Moscow then, to organize the concert there. This information has been confirmed at Beatles.ru recently. So, Almaty concert was put off because of the Moscow show. Earlier it was expected that Paul McCartney show would be held in Almaty in September this year. But now it is most likely that the event will be shifted to December this year or spring 2012. But, any way, Kazakhstan will host the show with a one-hundred percent probability,” the organizer said. He also added that if Paul McCartney decides to give a concert in Kazakhstan in December, than the event will take place in Astana at Astana-Arena Stadium. If he chooses the spring-time, the show will be held in Almaty at the Astana Square. Paul McCartney, a famous musician agreed to give a concert in Kazakhstan provided that as many people as possible would vote for his show at the website. Then the on-line battle between Almaty and Astana started.

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