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Myn Bala movie’s premiere set for April 04 марта 2012, 11:55

Release of the major and the most expected Akan Satayev’s Myn Bala movie will take place in April 2012.
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"Zhauzhurek Myn Bala" (Brave 1000 Boys) film frame. "Zhauzhurek Myn Bala" (Brave 1000 Boys) film frame.
Release of the major and the most expected Akan Satayev’s Myn Bala movie will take place in April 2012, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Kazakhfilm press-office. The movie’s full name is Zhauzhurek 1000 bala (1000 Brave Boys). Earlier it was expected that the$12 million dollar film will be released by the Independence Day in December 2011. However the release was postponed to March 2012, because some of the post production work remained unfinished. Kazakhfilm, Kazakhstan national film maker, plans to release 10 movies this year. For the Future’s Sake, a movie for young people directed by Yerlan Saginov, will be released first on March 15. Love’s Swing melodrama by Tokhtar Karskbayev starring Lane Davies (played Mason Capwell in Santa Barbara soap opera popular on Kazakhstan) will be released in the beginning of April. The first Kazakhstan fantasy movie named Legends’ Book: a Mysterious Wood will see the light this May. Yerlan Nurmukhambetov, winner of the 7th International Eurasia Film Festival will present his new film Anshy Bala (The Hunter Boy) in June. Children’s adventure movie The Sword of Victory directed by Anuar Raybayev will be released in August. Askar Uzabayev (director of A Cocktail for a Star movie) jointly with Farkhat Sharipov (Tale of a Pink Rabbit) will release Zhol movie (earlier known as Boxer’s Way) in September this year. The prominent master of art films Amir Karakulov will present his first commercial project under the name of Virtual Love, a 21st century romantic story - an Internet love story - in October. The first Kazakhstan full-length Yer-Tostik and Aidakhar cartoon, based on Kazakh folk tales will be released in November. “Kazakh folklore in 3D make this high-end project a remarkable feature. Kazakhstan's best computer graphics and animation experts are working on the project at present,” Kazakhfilm press-release reads. Hunting for a Ghost movie will become the last 2012 premiere. This film starring Nikita Presnyakov, Sanzhar Madiyev and Assel Sagatova will be released in December.

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