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Kazakhstan's Little Brother takes Federal Foreign Office award at goEast

Serik Aprymov. Photo  ©filmfestival-goeast.de Serik Aprymov. Photo ©filmfestival-goeast.de

Serik Aprymov’s Little Brother (Bauyr) won an award at the Central and Eastern Europe film Festival goEast from the German Federal Foreign Office, Tengrinews reports citing the press office of the Kazakhfilm studio.

Little Brother received an award of the Federal Foreign Office for “artistic originality, which creates cultural diversity”. Aprymov’s film tells a story of a boy who is left alone and waits for his older brother. The 10 y.o protagonist Yerken displays a great faith in his brother who does not love him, and is able to preserve his subtle inner world despite all the hardships he has to endure.

"For advanced use of the naive genre painting poetry of the East European cinema in portraying the disintegrating features of the post-Soviet life in a specific social and cultural environment," the jury said.

The Kazakhstani film premiered at the Horizons section of the 70th Venice Film Festival. Later, Bauyr received kudos at the 9th International Eurasia Film Festival in Kazakhstan. In the fall of 2013, the film took part in the Viennale Film Festival in Austria.

The film festival was launched in 2001 by Claudia Dillmann. “The time has come to open ourselves to the thoughts, images, myths and stories of our Eastern neighbours. To their culture. To their films,” Claudia Dillmann wrote as a foreword to the first festival catalogue. The goEast festival aims to create a cultural dialogue through film and present different film schools.

Pawel Pawlikowski’s Ida (Denmark/Poland) received the SKODA Film Award. And the award of the City of Wiesbaden for Best Director went to Levan Koguashvili for Blind Dates (Georgia).