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Kazakhstan's Harmony Lessons of Emir Baigazin won at 2morrow festival 17 января 2014, 15:28

Harmony Lessons by Kazakhstan film director Emir Baigazin was acknowledged the best movie of 2morrow film festival in Russia.
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A shot from 'Harmony Lessons' film. ©Harmony Lessons Film Production A shot from 'Harmony Lessons' film. ©Harmony Lessons Film Production
Kazakhstan film Harmony Lessons by film director Emir Baigazin was acknowledged the Best Film at the international festival of independent films 2morrow in Russia, RIA Novosti reports. The film festival took place on October 1-6, 2013 in Moscow, Russia. Harmony Lessons by Emir Baigazin won a Silver Bear for the Artistic Achievement of its cinematographer Aziz Zhambakiyev and also got the prize of the Morgen Post newspaper. Harmony Lessons won the special jury prize for the Best Filmmaker’s Debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and Grand-Prix of the Switzerland Film Festival in Basel. The movie also received the Best New Director Grand Jury Prize at the Seattle International Film Festival. Recently, the new project The Wounded Angel of Emir Baigazin was selected for production and distribution funding by the international Berlinale Residency fellowship program. The film Harmony Lessons addresses the issue of the child abuse. The movie tells a story about a 13-y.o. schoolboy Aslan who lives with his grandmother in a small Kazakh village. Aslan is an outstanding student. He is tidy and organized, a perfectionist. Bolat, the leader of a boys' gang, publicly humiliates Aslan. Aslan never forgives the bully and calmly and methodically prepares a terrible revenge for him. He practices on cockroaches, torturing them on a miniature electric chair, and assembles his own gun. Later a new student Mirsain comes to school, he stands up for Aslan, never knowing what will come out of it. The international festival of independent film 2morrow has been held since 2007. It was found by Russian film director Ivan Dykhovichny and producer Renat Davletyarov. The main goal of the festival is to promote and support new trends in modern cinematography, and present the Russian audience with the global context of independent films.

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