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Kazakhstani guitar player reaches Top 100 of Guitar Idol 2014 03 августа 2014, 11:29

A participant of Guitar Idol 2014 Artur Mashurov from Kazakhstan got into the Top 100 of the prestigiuous music competition.
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Photo © nodario mashurov Photo © nodario mashurov

Participant of Guitar Idol 2014, Artur Mashurov from Kazakhstan got into the Top 100 of the prestigiuous music competition, Tengrinews reports.

During the first stage of the competition around 300 musicians from all over the world uploaded their videos on the official website of the Guital Idol. After the first voting and judges decisions, the Top 100 of the best guitar players was formed. The grand finale of the competition will take place on September 13 in London. There only the best 8 guitar players will compete for the name of the Guitar Idol. The names of the finalists will be released in the beginning of September.

Mashurov uploaded a musical piece he called Rush Hour. The musician said that he conveyed his feelings through the music. “I always base my music on my inner feelings. If it is a song, it has to convey my thoughts. I had a period in my life when everything was changing very fast and that is how this song came to be,” Mashurov said.

Guitar Idol was established by LickLibrary to help guitarists across the globe showcase their talents and kickstart their careers in the music industry.

You can vote for the Kazakhstani guitar player at Guitar Idol.


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