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It took Shymkent animators 7 years to create 45-minute cartoon 09 января 2013, 11:19

The animators are going to make Sauran-Batyr and a winged panther the national heroes of Kazakhstan.
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Shymkent animators have finished working on an animated film about a Kazakh batyr (warrior) and a winged panther, Tengrinews.kz reports. The 45-minute cartoon was based on the materials of Saka Era archaeological excavations. It took the team 7 years to finish the project. Several directors replaced each other during the work over the project and animators experienced financial problems. Nuriddin Patteyev, director of the cartoon, said that he had spent his personal finances to create the story about the Batyr and the Panther. The authors of the project rely on state’s support at present. They won’t be able to air the movie on TV channels without the authorities’ support. The animators are going to make Sauran-batyr and the winged panther national heroes so that they become more popular among national audience than the characters of Western cartoons. According to the plot of the movie, Sauran-Batyr and the panther need to liberate their native land from the invader Kara Tunek. The authors are sure that this story will help to bring up young patriots and will help them to value Kazakhstan national history and traditions.

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