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©Reuters Comcast in talks to acquire Dreamworks for $3 bn US cable operator Comcast is in talks to acquire Shrek and Kung Fu Panda studio DreamWorks Animation for more than $3 billion.
27 апреля 2016
Pixar's 'Inside Out' set box office record in debut Pixar's critically acclaimed "Inside Out" -- an animated look at the mind of a pre-teen girl -- could not defeat the dinosaurs of "Jurassic World" at the North American weekend box office.
23 июня 2015
D'oh! Homer and Marge to split on 'The Simpsons'? D'oh! Will Homer and Marge split after more than 25 years together on "The Simpsons"? Or are their creators just teasing us?
11 июня 2015
'Okely dokeley!': 'Simpsons' voice artist quits - or does he? Harry Shearer, the Emmy-winning actor who voices pious neighbor Ned Flanders and greedy boss Mr Burns in "The Simpsons," said he is leaving the show.
15 мая 2015
Cartoonist sent into hiding after Copenhagen attacks A Swedish cartoonist believed to have been targeted in one of the Copenhagen shootings at the weekend has been sent into hiding.
17 февраля 2015
Disney to release 'Frozen' short sequel next year The "Frozen" princess stars of Disney's Oscar-winning animated film are set to return in a short sequel to be released next spring.
04 сентября 2014
Xavier Bonilla. Photo courtesy of Ecuadoran cartoonist sanctioned over sketch A newspaper cartoonist was sanctioned by a new Ecuadoran media watchdog after publishing an image deemed harmful to President Rafael Correa, the artist said Friday.
01 февраля 2014
"Sazae-san". Photo courtesy of World's longest-running cartoon to go digital in Japan The world's longest-running cartoon is to go fully digital, its Japanese broadcaster said Friday, abandoning hand-drawn celluloid-based animation after a run of 44 years.
28 сентября 2013
New Belgian king inherits political timebomb In Belgium's papers, King Albert II has been portrayed by the country's most fabled cartoonist for the past 20 years as just out of bed and lounging about in a dressing-gown and slippers.
19 июля 2013
©REUTERS/Danny Moloshok 'Despicable Me 2' tops US box office for a second week "Despicable Me 2," a sequel to the 2010 animated blockbuster, led the US box office for a second consecutive weekend.
15 июля 2013
Pixar goes back to class with Monsters prequel Pixar sends its Monsters back to class this weekend with "Monsters University," the first time the animation giant has made a prequel to a member of its stable of hit franchises.
22 июня 2013
Poster for Er Tostik and Aidakhar movie. Photo courtesy of KazakhFilm© Over $1 million spent on Er Tostik and Aidakhar 3D cartoon 3.5 years ago the Animation Center was created in Kazakhstan and work on Er Tostik and Aidakhar started at about the same time: KazakhFilm.
03 апреля 2013
It took Shymkent animators 7 years to create 45-minute cartoon The animators are going to make Sauran-Batyr and a winged panther the national heroes of Kazakhstan.
09 января 2013
Japan manga 'geeks' seek love at masked match-making Self-confessed geeks in Japan who might ordinarily be too shy to ask someone on a date are trying a new kind of matchmaking: wearing cartoon character masks.
24 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of Australian 'Dumb Ways to Die' safety clip goes viral An online video featuring cartoon creatures killing themselves in a variety of ways as part of an Australian transport safety campaign has gone viral, with almost 12 million YouTube views in a week.
22 ноября 2012
Pakistan set for protests over anti-Islam film Tens of thousands of Pakistanis are expected to protest Friday as global Muslim anger mounts over a US-made anti-Islam film and cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a French magazine.
22 сентября 2012
Afghans protest against French cartoons, US film Hundreds of Afghans on Thursday protested for the first time against cartoons of the prophet Mohammed published in France and staged fresh rallies against a US-made anti-Islam film.
20 сентября 2012
French in the firing line after prophet cartoons Tens of thousands of French expatriates in Muslim countries face a nervous weekend amid fears they could be swept up in a rising tide of anger over controversial depictions of Mohammed.
20 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of French magazine risks Muslim fury with cartoons A French magazine is set to increase Muslim ire by printing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed Wednesday a day after 12 died in an Afghan suicide bombing, the deadliest attack linked to an anti-Islamic film.
19 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of 'Ice Age' sweeps in and tops US box office "Ice Age: Continental Drift" entered at the top of the North American box office this weekend, knocking "The Amazing Spider-Man" off the summit.
16 июля 2012

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