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Armand Assante's Dialogue from the Steppes bests in the American Film Festival 09 апреля 2012, 11:49

Dialogue from the Steppes, a film about Kazakhstan by Armand Assante,was named the best short documentary in Gasparilla Film Festival
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Armand Assante. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev Armand Assante. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev
Dialogue from the Steppes movie, dedicated to Kazakhstan and directed by Armand Assante, famous Hollywood actor and director was named the best short documentary in Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Liter.kz. “Things that Kazakhstan has been through in the past 300 and especially in the last 80 years is what caused the country to create its precedent in tolerance and global initiatives that influence the whole world. Their President has been making miracles in the last 20 years: when took over the country it was at the verge of a crisis, but he managed to make it a country that is taken very seriously by international players in all areas. He renowned the fourth largest nuclear arsenal that Kazakhstan had inherited from the Soviet Union, closed down the nuclear test site that had a catastrophic environmental impact because of many tests that were made there. He was the first in the region to demand from Russia that the voice of the Kazakh people was heard,” Assante said after the demonstration of the documentary. Dialogue from the Steppe is a 27-minute documentary about Kazakhstan through a foreigner’s eyes. Parliament’s Senator Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov who was Assante’s partner in making of the film and his guide along Kazakhstan together with producer Yerken Yalgashev, is citing Assante as saying: “Kazakhs are the true representatives of nomadic culture. I was impressed by their unbending will – they had to survive in tough conditions - as well as their remarkable sense of humor and amazing hospitality. Today Kazakhstan has of the strongest and fast developing economy in Central Asia. For me personally this is an fantastic country. I have come here for the tenth time already and I will return here again and again.”

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