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Amazing Spider-Man 2 speaks Kazakh 08 апреля 2014, 15:50

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been dubbed into Kazakh and will open in cinemas on April 24 in 3D.
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Photo ©kinomania.ru Photo ©kinomania.ru

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been dubbed into Kazakh and will open in cinemas on April 24 in 3D, Tengrinews reports citing Meloman company.

Kazakh language is the 7th language the new Marvel film is translated into. The film is translated from English straight to Kazakh to create authentic dialogues in the dubbed version. Not many books, films, TV programs and etc are translated from any given source language straight into Kazakh language without Russian language. The dubbing project started in November of 2013 with the consent of the film studio. Actors were chosen during casting sessions in February in Almaty. Sony Pictures representatives visited Kazakhstan to approve actors for dubbing.

Peter Parker is talk in the Kazakh language with Merei Adzhibekov’s voice and his girlfriend Gwen Stacy is voiced by Alima Kairbekova. Maxwell Dilon is dubbed by Azamat Kanapiya. Aigerim Onalbek who previously worked on Vozvrashenie v A, Serdce Moe Astana and Man in Black 3 dubbing into the Kazakh language, is directing the Kazakh dubbing of the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

In the second installment of the Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker struggles to balance his life as a superhero and an ordinary guy when he faces a mysterious corporation Oscorp, his major enemy. Peter will meet his old friend Harry Osborn and learn family secrets that will greatly affect him. Will Spider-Man be able to save New Yorkers against enemies that are stronger than him in the time of personal turmoil?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the 7th film to be dubbed into Kazakh as a part of the Bolashak Association, Altyn Kyran charity foundation and Marwin cooperative project.

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