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Official Shymbylak video: Subaru vs snowboarders 23 февраля 2014, 19:06

The administration of the mountain skiing resort has finally posted an official video of the Subary drift on the skiing slope.
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video screenshot from Youtube.com video screenshot from Youtube.com
Internet folks were outraged with the Subaru stunt and clearly did not take it seriously when the Shymbulak administration said it was part of a video involving professional stunt actors. So the administration of the ski resort has finally posted an official video of the Subary drift, Tengrinews reports. The previous video, which now can be dismissed as a sneak-a-peek into the backstage of the actual filming, went viral in social media earlier this week. Professional stuntmen and snowboarders participated in filming of the promotion video. Anton Avdeev, a participant of drift and auto slalom championships in Kazakhstan was driving the Subaru that was equipped for driving on snow. No one was harmed during the shooting of the video. But of course, do not try to repeat it.

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