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MobilEx holds Snow Leopard rally near Almaty 10 февраля 2014, 15:24

The Snow Leopard rally sprint was held near Almaty at the MobilEx Racing Team sports base on February 9.
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The Snow Leopard rally sprint has been held near Almaty at the MobilEx Racing Team sports base on February 9, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz. The race's task was to present MobilEx sport club, the next organizer and promoter of the Kazakhstan Classic Rally Championship 2014 (KZRC). Best classic rally pilots and navigators of Kazakhstan participated in the Snow Leopard race. The crews had to cover 8 special sections of snow and ice with a total length of about 30 kilometers. "This is a presentation race, it's not a Kazakhstan Championship Stage. MobilEx will organize the Rally Championship of Kazakhstan this year and they held the Snow Leopard rally to show people what the race will going to be like," the Head of the Auto and Moto Sport Federation of Kazakhstan Marat Abykayev explained. The organizers of the event arranged an excellent show for the audience. All the vehicles were registered and gathered in a big roofed venue, specially assembled for this event. The master of the race announced the names of pilots at the start. The route was interesting to watch and challenging for the racers. The fans watching the professionals drive were really excited. "We focused on holding this competition at a high level. The presentation rally was the first event scheduled for this year. We intend to bring the racing competitions in Kazakhstan to a higher level. Besides, we are not going to limit ourselves to Almaty, but will use as much territory of Kazakhstan as we can. There will be 7 competitions this year. New routes are going to be added each year in order to attract more fans of car racing from all over Kazakhstan. Our main task is to raise the auto sport prestige and availability," the President of Sport Club MobilEx and pilot of MobilEx Racing Team Kanat Shagirov said. Kazakhstan’s leading racers Kanat Shagirov and Marat Abykayev awarded the winners and prize holders of the winter rally sprint with medals, diplomas and prizes in the end of the race.

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