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Underwater photos of Kazakhstan photographer acknowledged best by prestigious website 10 марта 2014, 13:38

Three photos made by a Kazakhstan photographer Nadezhda Kulagina have won prizes of a prestigious photo-website.
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©Nadezhda Kulagina ©Nadezhda Kulagina
Three photos made by a Kazakhstan photographer Nadezhda Kulagina have won prizes of a prestigious Underwater Photography website, Tengrinews reports. The photographers were uploading their photos to the website during one year and then the website's jury made a short-list. Photos of Nadezhda Kulagina won in several nominations. A photograph of the girl in a white dress under the water was acknowledged the best in the Fashion nomination. The photo was made in a small swimming pool near Nadezhda's house. ©Nadezhda Kulagina The photo of fish flock was shot in Egypt. This piece of art took the 1st place in the Wide-Angle nomination. ©Nadezhda Kulagina And the third winning photo with rays of sunlight piercing the water was made in Indonesia. ©Nadezhda Kulagina Nadezhda have been practicing underwater photography since 2009. Her photos have already appeared in famous magazines and received acknowledgment at prestigious contests. Speaking about her work she says that the best shots are usually made incidentally, because it is hard to predict what exactly is going to happen underwater. "Everything depends on a situation. You kwon what conditions to expect, who inhabits the location and what can you see there. But when you dive under the water everything may go in an absolutely differentia way. For example, during our last diving we wanted to see sweetlips, the fish with big lips. We arranged this trip specially for that. The sweetlips drew at the depth of around 20 meters, which is not very deep. But I couldn't reached then that day because the current was very strong and it pulled me away from the place. (...) The main clue in my work are is to have no fear of depth, experience no claustrophobia problems and enjoy the water," Kulagina shared.

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