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Soldiers of Kazakhstan National Guard perform Huns in Attila opera at Astana Opera premiere 21 октября 2013, 23:18

World-class artists are performing at the stage tonight. They shared their impression of the new theater and the premiere before the show.
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©Astana Opera ©Astana Opera
Attila opera by Giuseppe Verdi has opened the first world premiere night of Astana Opera today. World-class artists are performing at the Astana stage tonight. They shared their impression of the new theater and the premiere before the today's show, Tengrinews reports citing the press-service of the theater. Outstanding Italian director Pier Luigi Pizzi said that he was happy he found Astana Opera. According to him, there were two things he especially liked about the staging. The first one was the theater's technical personnel and the second one was its extraordinary choir. "The choir was a real discover for me. Nowadays, it is hard to find a choir that is so focused, organized and so much involved in the work," he said. "I was worried that we could fail to find well-prepared artists for supernumeraries. That is why on my first visit to Astana I offered Tolegen Muhamedzhanov to invite real soldiers. Fortunately, he agreed. The soldiers are very disciplined, I've never seen this among theater artists. They don't say exchange a word, even among each other. They do exactly what they are required to. I wish I could bring them with me to all the world theaters. These are soldiers of Kazakhstan's National Guard that play Huns," the Italian director said. The premiere of Attila opera by Giuseppe Verdi, held today, on October 21, is conducted by Valeriy Gergiyev of Mariinsky Theater. "I'm so excited and looking forward to hearing it sound in such big and grandiose theater. Great singer Ildar Abdrazakov, who will play the lead role Attila, told me that the Astana Opera is beautiful, and I was waiting for this moment. We are all nomads. Attila was one of the famous nomads. Who knows, maybe, he walked the endless steppes that surround us. I hope the performance will be a legendary event. I think it is right to open a new significant opera house with Verdi's early work that is healthy, mighty, motivated and spirited. Thanks God, we have artists who can perform it. We are looking forward to seeing the premiere. There are great, passionate, strong characters; Verdi was a great master of opera. Passion runs high in Attila opera. There is friendship, treachery, betrayal, pride and honor, and also the supernumeraries scenes. If it's God's will we will all come back here again," Gergiyev said. The lead singer of the opera Ildar Abdrazakov said that the rehearsals with the orchestra proved and showed Astana Opera as a theater with excellent acoustics. Odabella part will be played by Honored Artist of Russia Anna Markarova. Ezio and Foresto parts will be performed by Italian artists Claudio Sgura and Luciano Ganci. "When I just arrived to Astana, I was incredibly impressed by the city itself, everything is so unusual - the style and the nature. I want to underline the theater is still there in our changing world. It is a temple of culture, it is what we are living for. We will be working and performing in this theater for you, to bring this culture and tradition to you. Italian hearts beat same of Kazakh hearts, love is perceived by all the people as love, and through our music and passion we are going to transmit it to the audience in our performance so that they can feel it too," Luciano Ganci said.

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