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Principal dancers of Mariinsky Theater perform in Astana Opera 03 ноября 2015, 00:58

Principal dancers of world famous Mariinsky Theater Oksana Skorik and Yevgeniy Ivanchenko came to Astana.
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Principal Dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet Oksana Skorik Principal Dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet Oksana Skorik

Principal dancers of world famous Mariinsky Theater Oksana Skorik and Yevgeniy Ivanchenko have come to Astana to perform on the stage of Astana Opera on November 2, Tengrinews reports.

The winners of international contests were invited to Kazakhstan to play leading roles of Odette-Odile and Siegfried in an infamous Swan Lake, the world masterpiece written by Pyotr Chaikovsky in 1875.

Kazakhstan’s Tursynbek Nurkaliyev and Galiya Buribayeva staged the play.

Swan Lake is based on a popular folk tale about a girl that was cursed by evil sorcerer Von Rothbart and turned into a swan. She turns back into her human form only at night. One day Prince Siegfried with his friends goes on hunting into the forest and sees a beautiful swan in the lake. Before he shoots it, the beautiful swan turns into maiden Odette starring Oksana Skorik, whose beauty enchants Prince Siegfried and he falls in love with her since then.

The only way to break the spell is for Odette to fall in love with a man, who will love her back eternally and will vow to never cheat on her. The two agree to meet during the ball at the Prince’s palace.

But their plans were never destined to become a reality. At the ball, Prince Siegfried is counting minutes to meet his beloved one, but Odette does not arrive, instead Von Rothbart’s witch daughter Odile arrives disguised as Odette, so alluring and insidious, but not as shy and tender as Odette.

Breaking his oath to Odette, Siegfried in fact remains faithful to his love. However, having understood his mistake, he declares his love in his fight with evil sorcerer Von Rothbart.

Oksana Skorik was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. She graduated from the Perm Ballet School, one of the best ballet schools in Russia, in 2007 and joined the Mariinsky Ballet the same year.

According to her, this play has been and will always be the most difficult one. “For me this play has always been and will be the most difficult play in terms of combination of technique and roles. Despite all the difficulties, I love it very much. It is the most important task to show Odettee as a tender, soft, sometimes anxious, a little bit alienated, but still believing in true love, and Odile, so bright, gorgeous and regal. Both are close to me. They are living within me, this is why, I can say that I do not play, but experience my own feelings. I always try to make these images sincere,” Oksana Skorik said.

Besides, Skorik and Ivanchenko have been working in duet for five years. “We had a lot of shows last season. We have danced pas de deux from the second act of Giselle for the first time. We had only one rehearsal, because a partner, with whom we have been preparing the show, was not able to perform because of illness. Then, I had already been impressed by how friendly Evgeniy treats his partner as if he holds a crystal vase. So, when going on the stage. I fully trust him," she concluded.

By Assel Satubaldina


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