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PHOTO: Tasty photography exhibition opened in Almaty 07 мая 2012, 17:32

A unique photography exhibition "The Face of Taste" featuring tasty photos, is being held in Almaty.
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Damir Otegen's photo. Damir Otegen's photo.
A unique photography exhibition The Face of Taste featuring 'tasty' photos is being held in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports. Photo works of Skobeleva, Damir Otegen, Olga Khaletskaya, Aleksey Demidov, Aleksey Romanov, Taissiya Shaydarova, Debis Obolenskiy, Yuriy and Irina Kolokolnikovs, Tim Herbert and Assiya Fatkulina are presented in the exhibition. Diana Bimakhimova, author of the project and organizer of the exhibition, said that each duo - a photographer and a chief cook - had been offered to create three photo works one month prior to the exhibition. The first task was to cook and take picture of a dish, the second to arrange and make a photo of a composition, based on a raw product, and the third one to arrange and take photo of any composition at their own preference. The condition was that only natural products could be used in the compositions. “The art of food-photography is being actively developed all over the world now and is quite popular in Kazakhstan as well,” Diana Bimakhimova said. “We have asked our photographers to take part in the exhibition and they agreed. All the works were made in the framework of the exhibition, in other words, these works are not stock photos.” The Tasty exhibition will last for two weeks. It will be held on May 5-19, in SanBell Agency (Kunayev Str. 85, corner of Kazybek Str.)

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