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Personal Motives by Marinina is a sales hit in Kazakhstan 01 апреля 2011, 17:15

Sales of Personal Motives detective novel by Aleksandra Marinina have gone though the ceiling in Kazakhstan.
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Personal Motives, a detective novel written by Aleksandra Marinina has become the most popular book among Kazakhstan readers. As per Meloman, a popular books and entertainment stores network, the book published in two volumes became the bestseller in February 2011. Marinina’s Personal Motives hit the book stores just over a month ago, but its sales have already outrun WikiLeaks. Selected Materials that contains a selection of popular secret cables obtained by the scandalous website. Cecelia Ahern with her The Book of Tomorrow is the third top sold book in Kazakhstan. The readers' interest is not declining even though the book has been on sale for more than seven months. A bestseller in many countries, Shantaram by Gregory Davis Roberts is also in demand on Kazakh books market. The fifth most sold book is another Ahern’s book Where Rainbows End. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol was Kazakhstan’s bestseller of 2010. It was followed by All The World’s A Stage by Boris Akunin. Ahern’s The Book of Tomorrow was the third most read book of 2010.
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