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Japanese Autumn presented in Almaty 26 сентября 2013, 15:17

The 3rd International Art Festival Japanese Autumn is being held in Almaty.
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©Aizhan Tugelbayeva ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva
The 3rd International Art Festival Japanese Autumn is being held in Almaty, Tengrinews reports. A Japanese-style garden was arranged in the Botanic Garden of Almaty city. The garden's design and unusual plants create the atmosphere of the Land of the Rising Sun. The garden will be open for visitors until the middle of October. Another place to dive into the mysterious and beautiful Japanese world is in Tengri-Umai gallery through the works of the world famous photographer and Director of a Tokyo gallery Yoichiro Yamashita. The photo exhibition of Mr Yamashita and five of his colleagues has been set in the gallery. The exposition includes more than 100 pictures of forest and sea landscapes, seasonal periodicity in Japanese mountains, Okinawa in bloom, forests and traditional Japanese villages. The outstanding master of photography presented his works personally and held a series of master-classes in Almaty. Yoichiro Yamashita said that he walked around Almaty city for two days searching for beautiful sights. He spent a whole day in the mountains and made more than 100 photographs that might become part of his next exhibition. "To make a good picture one shoot be very attentive and not rush. Finding the right composition is important. My photos are never polished, I don't ever use filters or Photoshop," the master said. He told the journalists that he had a special shelf with more than 90 cameras at home. The photographer pointed out that he was surprised how much the Japanese and Kazakh people were alike. "Several people told me that I look like a Kazakh, they even started talking to me in Kazakh," he shared. Tengri-Umai gallery is located at #103 Panfilov Street at the crossing with Gogol Street.

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